Garage Door Security is No Joke!

garage door security

Did you know that a high percentage of house burglars gain access through the garage because the garage is often times the most vulnerable?

Many garage doors, are not properly maintained, left unlocked or left open for easy perpetrator access.


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Even if you’re only planning to be gone for a minute or two, it’s never safe to leave your garage door open because it takes only a split second for an experienced burglar to step inside and do their thing.

The truth is that you could have the very best garage door opener and security money can buy, but if you leave your garage door open and vulnerable, what good does it do you?

Don’t Forget about Your Garage Access Door

a residential garageIf you have an attached garage with a connecting door leading into the house, you need to be especially mindful of garage door security because once a burglar is inside your garage, they can stealthily move about without being seen from the street.

Your garage access door should be treated with the same regard towards security as you give your front door by installing a deadbolt lock.

Upgrading Your Garage Door Opener

If your garage door opener is an older model, you might want to consider upgrading it to a newer one with state-of-the-art technology, including built-in security features such as:

  • Chamberlain®/Liftmaster Security+® anti-burglary technology.  Security+® provides protection against burglars with sophisticated code grabbing devices. Each time the remote control is activated, Security+® automatically rolls the code over to any one of 100-billion codes and is never repeated.
  • Liftmaster also offers Multi-Function Remote Controls that open your garage door and  turn on lights inside your home from the safety and comfort of your car.

Learn more about openers.

Where is Your Garage Door Opener now?

It may seem obvious, but one of the most common mistakes people make is having a lackadaisical attitude about where they store their garage door opener remote. Would you keep your wallet, credit cards or other personal valuables lying around in your car for all the world to see, probably not?

garage door opener on a keychainLeaving you garage door opener remote in your vehicle, clipped to the sun visor or in plain view is not a good idea because if your remote gets stolen, the thief has access to valuables stored in your garage and quite possibly, your home.

You may even want to consider purchasing one of the new key chain remotes. You can find one that is compatible with your garage door brand or try out one of the latest Universal key chain remotes currently on the market.

It always pays to stay one step ahead of a potential break-in with garage door security awareness, especially when it comes to the safety of your family, the security of your home and your valuables!

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Never Leave Your Garage Door Open!

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Residential Garage Door InstallationYou may want to rethink leaving your garage door open because more eyes may be watching than you realize! Recently, Google’s stealth ‘Street View’ cameras published a picture of a garage door left open in the U.K. for all the world to see, including a few thieves.

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According to the Huffington Post, the garage owner, Gordon Rayner, believes that Google should have blacked out his garage as they did his face and the windows of his home. He stated that it was “an invitation for any criminal to take what they like.” “When you look at the (Google) photograph, my face is blacked out, the windows of my house are blacked out, but because the garage door was left open, you can clearly see everything in there,” Raynor told The Telegraph (UK News).
security footageRayner’s mountain bike was stolen. The thieves then made a few more visits to his garage to see if there was anything else they could pilfer. Fortunately, they were unsuccessful because Rayner now keeps his garage door closed!
Are criminals now able to canvas our streets and target potential open garage doors via Internet? Is the mega search engine crossing the line and invading our right to privacy?
There has been recent controversy surrounding Google’s Street View application, raising questions about personal privacy rights. According to a Google spokesman, the company does blur out images when asked to do so, but went on to say that “the imagery on Street View is no different to what anyone could readily capture or see by traveling down the street themselves.”
An open garage door makes you an easy target for thieves who may be canvasing your neighborhood looking for open garage doors. Once inside your garage, a burglar is no longer visible from the street and can gain easy entry into your home. You could have the best home security system money can buy, but if you leave your garage door open, what good is it?
The bottom line here is that you should never leave your garage door open because you never know who is watching!

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Garage Door Security

Thief breaking in a car and stealing the garage door opener

Garage Door Security Tips

Today’s garage doors provide much more security than garage doors even ten years ago. You can now
purchase new garage doors coupled with features like miniature key chain remotes and open-door alert systems.

Where is Your Garage Door Remote Now?

Thief breaking in a car and stealing the garage door openerOne of the most common garage door security ”faux pas” many folks make is clipping their garage door remote to their car visor or leaving their garage door remote lying around in their car in plain site.

Here’s why – If someone breaks into your car and finds your garage door remote, they also have access to your garage and the thief can easily find your address by rifling through your glove box for your vehicle registration.

To make matters even worse, if you have forgotten to lock your garage access door, the thief now has easy access to your home and personal belongings!

Mini-Key-Chain-Garage-Door-RemtoeKeep your family and valuables safe by keeping your garage door remote out of your car when you’re not in it or at the very least, out of sight. 

Another smart option is to replace your standard garage door visor-clip remote with one of the latest miniature key chain remotes that can be kept with you at all times!

Garage Door Alert Systems 

garage door alert systems are an excellent garage door security feature because let’s face it – we all know how easy it is to forget to close the garage door, especially when we use it more than we use our front door! 

Logan Garage Door CompaniesWith an open garage door alert system, a warning light alerts you if you have left your garage door open.  Having an open garage door alert system will give you extra protection from predators and keep your family and personal belongings safe. 


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