Garage Door Security is No Joke!

garage door security

Did you know that a high percentage of house burglars gain access through the garage because the garage is often times the most vulnerable? Many garage doors, are not properly maintained, left unlocked or left open for easy perpetrator access.   Curb Appeal Garage Doors 435-764-2825 Even if you’re only planning to be gone for a minute or two, it’s never…

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Never Leave Your Garage Door Open!

Logan Residential Garage Door Services

You may want to rethink leaving your garage door open because more eyes may be watching than you realize! Recently, Google’s stealth ‘Street View’ cameras published a picture of a garage door left open in the U.K. for all the world to see, including a few thieves. Curb Appeal Garage Doors 435-764-2825 According to the…

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Does Your Garage Door Need a Makeover?

New Garage Door Installation

Did you know that your garage doors account for about 30% of your home’s visibility from the street? If your  garage doors are worn out and tattered looking, maybe its time to improve your home’s curb appeal with beautiful new garage door! Selecting the Right Garage Door for Your Home Curb Appeal Garage Doors offers a wide selection of new…

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Garage Door Security

Thief breaking in a car and stealing the garage door opener

Garage Door Security Tips Today’s garage doors provide much more security than garage doors even ten years ago. You can nowpurchase new garage doors coupled with features like miniature key chain remotes and open-door alert systems. Where is Your Garage Door Remote Now? One of the most common garage door security ”faux pas” many folks make is clipping their garage door remote to their car visor…

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Garage Door Safety Tips

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Your garage door is probably the largest moving object in your home and could weigh as much as 400 pounds. At the touch of a button, maiming injuries and even deaths (mainly to children) happen every year. For your families safety, make sure that your garage door is in tip-top working condition! Curb Appeal Garage Doors 435-764-2825 Here are a few garage…

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